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Plant Breeding/ Molecular Genetics

Research in the lab.Graduate students in Plant Breeding/Molecular Genetics conduct research ranging from applied plant breeding projects emphasizing breeding procedures and methodologies to molecular genetic projects doing biotechnology, genetic engineering, and genomic research in agronomic and horticultural crops. These research projects give students the opportunity to integrate the latest developments in the laboratory with applications in the field to reach the overarching goal of developing new germplasm that will improve the sustainability of our food and fiber systems.

Plant Breeding/Molecular Genetics track curriculum (.pdf)

James A. AndersonWheat breeding and
Neil AndersonFlower breeding & genetics, preventing invasiveness, reproductive
Rex BernardoQuantitative genetics and maize
Nancy J. EhlkeForage legumes and turfgrass breeding and
David F. GarvinWheat genetics and
Stan C. HokansonBreeding and genetics of woody landscape
JoAnn F. LambAlfalfa genetics and
James J. LubyBreeding and genetics of fruit
Thomas E. MichaelsBreeding and genetics of common
Peter L. MorrellComputational
Gary J. MuehlbauerMolecular genetics of barley and
James H. OrfSoybean genetics and
Brian SteffensonDisease resistance in cereal
Ruth G. ShawEvolutionary quantitative genetics; plant population
Alan G. SmithMolecular physiology of flower and pollen
Kevin P. SmithBarley genetics and
Robert M. StuparLegume Molecular
Christian ThillPotato breeding and
Carroll P. VanceFunctional genomics of nitrogen fixation and phosphorus stress in
Eric WatkinsTurfgrass breeding and
Nevin D. YoungPlant comparative genomics and



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Plant Breeding/Molecular Genetics

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